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How to Convert Old Driving License to New Driving License?

Along with the current trend of advancement and digitalization, the usage of printed documents is finishing rapidly. Taking the place of all these things facilitates people to carry all their relevant documents on their tablets, laptops, and smartphones in the form of soft copies. Now, when everything is turning into digitalization, why not change the old process to “apply for Driving license.” Yes, it is possible; as per the sources, now you can easily “apply for driving license” or, you can say, convert your old driving license into an SCDL(Smart Card Driving License). 

The new method called SCDL(Smart Card Driving License) shifted the conventional driving license format from a small booklet to Smart cards. Moreover, physically, the SCDL appears as a credit or debit card with a chip on it that keeps the cardholder’s biometric data. Remember, your biometric data isn’t restricted to you only, as the Regional Transport Office(RTO) servers possess the same. Additionally, the advanced version of the book-type DL called SCDL is light in weight, convenient, and robust. 

Consequently, carrying the DL in the form of a smart card that won’t get damaged easily becomes easy. Furthermore, if you are keen to know how to get your SCDL, jump straight onto the information below. You can even get the answers to queries such as how to “apply for Driving License,” or you can say “apply driving license” process. Plus, to know the entire “learning license apply online Delhi” procedure, you can follow the same.   

What are the Eligibility Requirements for a DL?

Before you “apply for Driving License,” it is necessary to possess the eligibility. Hence, you have the DL eligibility requirements to unload your burden regarding this. Remember, you need to fulfill all these requirements even if you have a private vehicle.

  • Firstly, the applicant must be at least 18 years old if you want an SCDL with an engine size greater than 50cc for a two-wheeler.
  • Next, you must be at least 16 years old if you have a non-gear two-wheeler vehicle. Plus, you must also have a letter of parents’ permission.
  • Remember, the common age limit for vehicles is 18 years.

What are the Essential Documents for DL?

If you would like to “apply for a driving license” or to know the required documents you need for a “apply driving license, ” here you have them all. Including Aadhaar Card, Address proof, Age proof, Medical certificate, Application form, etc. From the health perspective, you need a physical fitness declaration certificate, a physically challenged certificate in case of disability, and also current residential proof. These documents will remain the same whether you are applying for a “learning license apply online Delhi” particularly.

How Can You Apply for a Smart Card Driving License?

Here, you have the process to apply for a Smart Card driving license by using an online method. Hence, follow the downward steps to know how you can apply for driving license:  

  • Start by visiting the Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport and also, Highways’ Parivahan Sewa official website.
  • Now, select the ‘Driving License Related Services’ option from the ‘Online Services’ drop-down menu. After that, you need to download the SCDL (Smart Card Driving License) application form.
  • Next, fill out the application form with all the correct details and attach the required documents. 
  • Afterward, visit the RTO office nearby your location and submit the form and documents.
  • Further, carry onwards by making the payment of the fees. And also, ensure to schedule a driving test appointment.
  • Once you are done, you can ask to take a driving test and clear it. 
  • After clearing the driving test, it will record your biometrics, such as retina scanning, photographs, and fingerprints. Next, carry onwards by verifying the information. 
  • And once your driving test got cleared by the appointed officer. As a result, it will get you a Smart Card Driving License or SCDL at your registered address.

How to Convert an Old Driving License into a New One?

Once you apply for driving license, it becomes necessary to get your old driving license into a new SCDL one. Hence, here you have everything at a glance regarding how the old book-based driver’s license changes to the new smart card.


  • The first requirement is to visit the nearby RTO office. 
  • The next one is to apply for an upgraded application form needed for the DL. Or you can say a Smart Card Driving License(SCDL), even if you are applying for the “learning license apply online Delhi” form. 
  • Now, completing the form and inserting the relevant documents is also required.
  • Afterward, you need to submit the biometric results.
  • The further thing is to receive and use the receipt before the SCDL comes. 
  • Last, things end up at the arrival of SCDLs at your registered address.

And, that’s how you can get a Smart Card Driving License(SCDL) in place of an old and conventional one. However, if you face any problem while processing, immediately visit the official website of Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport. And to get more details, you can contact them on their Toll-Free number.


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