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How to Link Driving License to DigiLocker? Benefits of DigiLocker?

It is suggested to learn or gather some knowledge about Digilocker before you start digging into the process of storing your driving license online in DigiLocker. Relevantly, the Government of India is responsible for introducing DigiLocker under the Digital India initiative. Moreover, people can use “Digital Locker” to save their documents; even online driving license apply like a service. And that’s how people can save their driving license apply and other official documents on a cloud managed by the Indian Government. Moreover, that’s how using the DigiLocker declutters the carrying need of physical documents anywhere. 


But to take advantage of Digilocker in the online driving license apply, you need to register for DigiLocker. Doing so will also provide you with 1 GB of storage space to save all your “driving license apply” documents. Furthermore, follow the information below to explore the Digilocker benefits and how to upload documents on DigiLocker. If you are still unaware of how to link your driving license to DigiLocker, resolve this issue by following the downward points. Adding on, Apply For Driving License service is not just restricted here; people can even try for an online driving license apply Delhi services. 

What are the benefits of saving your Driving Licence on DigiLocker?

  • It facilitates its users to use their online account to show their driving license anytime.   
  • Declutter the need to always keep your driving license number in mind. Until and unless you have the option to bring any information pertaining to your DL online.
  • The driving license can be used as identity proof while applying for any other document, such as PAN or Voter ID. Your online driving license apply Delhi services can directly access it from DigiLocker, which denies the need to submit the Driving License manually.
  • Your digital driving license on DigiLocker can also be verified, the same as your physical driving license. In order to do this, the QR Code needs to be scanned on the digital Driving License, so you can get the best outcomes in the online driving license apply Delhi process.   

What are the Steps to Upload your Documents On DigiLocker?

  • Begin by jumping onto the DigiLocker site,, then sign up via your mobile number.
  • Next, it will send you an OTP to start entering your username and create a password for your account. After that, it will ask you to enter a four-digit MPIN to make fast logins while the online driving license apply Delhi process. 
  • Afterward, ensure to link your Aadhaar card with the DigiLocker account. So you can upload the scanned copy of your driving license and RC after linking.
  • Once your Aadhaar Card is linked, it will let you access the ‘Pull Partner’s Document’ section on the DigiLocker app. Next, fill in all the required details as needed, along with your current driving license number.
  • Further, it will link your driving license to the DigiLocker app, which doesn’t matter in whatever state you reside in. Lastly, you can use your DigiLocker account to upload a soft copy of your birth certificate. 
  • Plus, to upload digital copies of Aadhaar cards, school mark sheets, PAN cards, and other documents. And that’s how you can upload your relevant documents while proceeding with online driving license apply services. 

How can you Link your Driving Licence to DigiLocker?

  • First, visit, the official DigiLocker website, and sign up if you are new to it. But if you still need to register on DigiLocker, then please sign up.
  • Remember only to sign up if you own an Aadhaar card. It is so because providing the Aadhar details is significant to use a facility like DigiLocker.
  • Next, after providing your Aadhaar card details and signing in, search for the “issued Documents” option on the left side of the screen. Further, select the “Pull Documents” icon to proceed further with the online driving license apply service.
  • Now, select “Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways, All States” in the partner’s name. And then, you need to select the ‘Driving Licence’ icon in the ‘Document Type’ option.
  • Afterward, it will ask you to enter details such as name, driving license number, address, and date of birth. Next, fill in all the rest of the other information to proceed further.
  • Further, to let the system automatically fetch your driving license, click on the “Get Document” option. As a result, your document will be saved in your DigiLocker so that you can access it anywhere or anytime.

Consequently, following the above steps makes you eligible to show the digital copy of your DL for all official purposes. And denies all the need to hang around carrying all the heavy carry bags filled with document copies and relevant ones. Moreover, your queries regarding apply for Driving License and online license application services were resolved.


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